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  • Accurate Sizing: Learn how to make sure Acrobat is printing your targets to scale.

Accurate Sizing


To make the most of the paper you use, many of the targets have items placed outside of what Acrobat considers to be normal margins. When this happens, Acrobat will shrink the page to fit inside of these margins, this is called "Page Scaling", and this feature will make the measurements on the target inaccurate. Below are instructions on how to set Acrobat to print the target with no page scaling.

Acrobat Versions

Acrobat Reader 8

Acrobat Reader 7
In Acrobat Reader 8, go to the "File" menu, then select "Print...". In the print dialoge, go to the "Page Handling" section. In there, you will see a "Page Scaling" combo box. Set this combo box to "None" and you will be done.