Printing Hints


Welcome to! provides free, high resolution targets in Adobe Acrobat PDF formats, so that you can use these targets on any computer with crisp, consistent results.

How our targets are different:

Most targets you download are made at a low resolution using a paint program, then imported into a PDF file, which gives you fuzzy, inaccurate results. Our targets use the advanced graphics capabilities embedded in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format to that we can guarantee precision, accuracy, and clarity no matter what level of printing you use. When we claim that a target has a 1/4 inch grid, it is a 1/4 inch grid when printed properly.

See for yourself!

Open one of our targets and use Acrobat to zoom in as far as you possibly can. You will see that all of the lines on the page are just as crisp and clear at a zoom level of 6400% as they are at 100%.

More targets coming soon!